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LTLL continues to expand its network and build partnerships across the world.  These networks cover the United States, Mexico, and several countries in Africa and the Caribbean. Many of these networks have been with the African diaspora churches and their clergy as well as with African diaspora nonprofit organizations.  LTLL also is interested in building relationships with the business community who have a heart for the extreme poor and hurting.


LTLL has some two years’ experience of working with Ministry Helpers in distributing food to African Diaspora Churches, churches in Appalachia, a women’s shelter and to families in need (defined by receiving social services).  

Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Lucille Sarnor LTLL has been able to provide food and spiritual guidance to her congregation from Liberia on numerous occasions. The LTLL leadership and the Healing Temple Church leadership are co- laborers in God’s Kingdom.   

HOUSE OF PRAYER & FIRE CHURCH -                                                                                                                                                                              Before the existence of LTLL, the founder had a long relationship with the pastor and congregation from Cameroon. The pastor served on the PACANet-USA’s Board and was very instrumental in bringing other Cameroonian pastors together for Clergy and Church Leadership HIV/ AIDS Prevention training.  Many food outreaches were done to serve the Cameroon Diaspora and continues under the LTLL umbrella.  

MAGNUS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, INC.                                                                                   

Magnus is a faith based, not-for profit organization dedicated to working with immigrant families and their communities.  Their vision is to provide innovative development programs and services that facilitate the effective transition of immigrant families into American society and to support their productive sustainable integration into their new homeland.  Under Pastor Lucille Sarnor’s leadership, Magnus seeks to provide purposeful and developmentally appropriate service programs that strengthen families, create strong community partnerships and promote economic self-sufficiency.  Thus improving people’s overall quality of life. LTLL has worked with and continues to work with Magnus Community Development, Inc. on a project for Liberia to empower people through education, training, and personal development.  

CORETRAC 2000 Community Resources and Training Center                     

CORETRAC2000's mission is to build upon the existing health care system in Cameroon utilizing a comprehensive strategy that will provide health services to populations in hard to reach areas.  CORETRAC2000 is designed to strengthen the healthcare delivery system for Cameroon, Central Africa. It is based in Randallstown, Maryland and brings together Cameroon’s immigrant professional population (diaspora) who are heavily invested into the healthcare needs of their people in Cameroon. Currently there are some 20 doctors, nurses and pharmacists in the United States who have committed to the vision and mission of CORETRAC2000.  In addition to the African Diaspora, there are more than 30 health professionals in Cameroon who have committed themselves to the vision and mission of CORETRAC2000. LTLL has been working with CORETRAC 2000 to find ways to improve the health system in Cameroon under the leadership of Dr. David Awasum who lives in the USA but from Cameroon.  He is currently the Chairman of LTLL Board of Directors. 

Kenya is another country where LTLL has established networks.  LTLL has formed a close relationship with Global Trade Solutions, LLC owned by two Kenyans to find solutions for the overriding poverty issues in  Kenya relating  to affordable housing for low income families, electricity for the country, and feeding orphans children. Joshua Nzueni is the primary person for these initiatives.

LTLL founder has worked and served on the Board of Directors of  Pan African Christian AIDS Network-USA, since 2009.  The mission of PACANet-USA is to mobilize and link resources to churches, Christian organizations and networks in Africa and the African diaspora to enhance their response to HIV/AIDS. Their signature work has been Clergy and Church Leadership training on HIV/AIDS and STIs prevention lead by Lenora Davis.

Pan African Collective, Inc is a Faith-based organization with a mission to build bridges of understanding and forge diverse partnerships to promote development in Africa and the African Diaspora.  It is a membership organization with members from around the globe.  Under the vison of Rev. Dr. Jonathan Weaver, the Founder and President, PAC was established to heighten, discuss and engage in the awareness of issues affecting the Diaspora. Initiated within the Washington metropolitan area where the growing Diaspora is growing rapidly, the PAC seeks to foster a better understanding between the people within the Diaspora in order to initiate a positive outcome and change

WOMEN ORGANIZED RESOURCES FOR LIBERIA'S DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                               

Women Organized Resources for Liberia’s Development Inc.. (WORLD)  is a membership tax exempt organization founded in 1991. Its objectives are to provide resources for Liberian women and children: (1) health care, (2) social services, (3) education of the children of Liberia, (4) providing shelter and housing for orphans, and (5) undertake other programs, not inconsistent with section 501(C)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The foundation of W.O.R.L.D., Inc. is its philosophy of commitment, accountability, and multiple strategies to achieve its objectives.  The founder of LTLL has been involved with this organization for nearly 20 years.

Kiatine Orphans and Vulnerable Children Development Center.located in Kitui County, Kenya and is under the operation of Pastor Augustus Musili.  This Center/Compound is approximately one mile from the village of some 9000 residents it serves.  The Center has a church with a kitchen to prepare meals for the children, a school in poor condition and a male dormitory and female dormitory that provide a cot to sleep.  Approximately 120 children are accommodated but there is a need for 200 children.  Some of these children are HIV+ and others have other health challenges.  There is an area within the church designated to attend to health needs.  The children are fed mostly maise and beans. Mode of transportation is walking to and from the village. There is water supply to the community/village but not enough to meet the needs of the growing population. LTLL has committed to Pastor Musili to assist him to provide for the children.

New networks are being formed with Dream Helpers, Inc.  under the leadership of Bishop Larry Lee Thomas.  He and his team have been on many missions trips to do spiritual and humanitarian work in Tanzania and Kenya..See pictures of widows’ floor put in and school for elementary age children built by Dream Helpers and the community workers in the country.